Retainer Agreement; Why You Should Retain a Lawyer Before You Need One for Your Small Business

Many businesses that are getting on their feet have much on their plate and sometimes some of the most important, yet small details get overlooked. Retaining a lawyer before actually needing a lawyer is one of them. When you already have an attorney ready to defend you on a moment’s notice, you can save a lot of time and money down the line and still be well protected. By having an attorney now can mean avoiding a lawsuit later for example. Additionally you have the convenience of consulting an attorney on an ongoing basis that can help your business avoid and mitigate the consequences of crisis. Rather than de facto emergency workers lawyers can save businesses significant amounts of time and money as advisers.

Lawyer Retainer Agreement

Small businesses encounter on a regular basis that financial stakes are high for many legal issues. When things don’t go exactly as planned or derail in ways you never could have imagined from the failing to sign a well-written and tailored contract with a vendor, partner or employee that can leave you mired in misunderstandings, and even litigation. If a competitive business attempts to use a similar logo or name, a registered trademark for your brand can be a lifesaver, literally. With so much to lose, having a lawyer already on standby is optimal. An unfortunate statistic revealed in recent studies show that small business owners do not consult with an attorney when they should.

Lawyer for Business Startup

When you are looking to hire an attorney, there are a few practical tips you can apply to find the right startup attorney for your business.
1) Look for an attorney that particularly has experience representing businesses in your specific industry. Having the experience in your industry can enhance the attorney’s abilities to handle the legal issues often associated with your trade. With a valuable resource to continually refer back to when other issues arise and your attorney can offer suggestions and advice on different opportunities.
2) Experience with specific legal issues as not all lawyers have the experience in the areas of law your company requires.
3) When selecting your attorney after you have narrowed down a few potential law firms, ask for references from 3rd parties and ask their opinion on the credibility of that particular law firm. Doing so can further narrow down your selection.
4) Take the time to schedule an interview with the potential lawyers and get a sense of how they handle your projects and discover if there is any kind of rapport or connection with them. If you are looking for a business advisor that handles the legal aspects, you will want to work with someone you like.
5) Pricing can be the final point as small businesses have specific budgeting. Many firms offer discounted flat fee packages but knowing what the prices are concerning your legal needs can be the deal breaker.

Experienced Lawyers in Greater Las Vegas, Nevada

If you are looking for a law firm to represent your business or give you council on legal obligations on consistent basis, having a lawyer already on your side is beneficial. Kajioka and Associates, Attorneys at Law is readily available to be your business’s lawyer. Contact us today!

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