Whether you have been accused of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the impacts are far reaching. Retaining an experienced, knowledgeable attorney is directly related to the best possible outcome for your case.

Kajioka and Associates, Attorneys at Law, is a team of highly experienced attorneys that fight hard for your rights concerning Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, and Business Law to give you quality defense while we skillfully navigate the court system. We treat each of our clients with respect and compassion as we relate in great detail every step their case. With our expertise and talents, Kajioka and Associates, Attorneys at Law of Las Vegas, Nevada will represent you with any of your dealings in the judicial system.

DUI Charges & Consequences

Kajioka and Associates, Attorneys at Law proudly defends those involved in Criminal Defense cases in Las Vegas, Nevada, including DUI charges. If you have been charged with a DUI in the State of Nevada, you risk losing your license and going to jail as well as having to pay expensive fines and higher insurance rate. If you were charged in the city of Las Vegas, there may also be additional penalties. Fortunately, with the aid of an accredited attorney such as Kajioka and Associates, Attorneys at Law by your side during the DUI process; offenders and victims are well advised during their consultation. We answer all of your questions and provide valuable, relevant information. Understanding the law and the case around you with our experience and skills we will try to get you the best plausible outcome with our ultimate goal dismissing charges, lower or drop fines, and help you complete all involving paperwork surrounding your case. Kajioka and Associates, Attorneys at Law has the experience, knowledge and determination to fight for you and protect your rights, no matter the charges you are facing.

DUI Lawyers & Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys in Las Vegas, Nevada

Whether you are the victim in a DUI or the offender in the Greater Las Vegas, Nevada area, the accredited attorney of Kajioka and Associates, Attorneys at Law is utilizing every resource available and dedicating ourselves to your case. If you in need assistance regarding a DUI case, contact the best in Las Vegas of Kajioka and Associates, Attorneys at Law.

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