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Protective Order VS Restraining Order; Temporary & Extended, How to Get, Violating Orders & More

The terms Protective Order and Restraining Order are used interchangeably as an order from the court to keep away from a person or a place and in many other places throughout the country. With two distinct types of Protective Orders in Las Vegas, the Family Court issues a protective order that is against domestic violence…

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Lawyer for Involuntary Manslaughter; Misdemeanor & Criminal Negligent Definition, Defenses & More

Most understand involuntary manslaughter as when the death of a person is never the intent of the one charged with the crime. Because it is still related to heavier offenses such as homicide and murder, involuntary holds consequences. Where involuntary manslaughter often involves accidental tragedies, people can find themselves trying to defend themselves against these…

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