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What Effects Can Legal Disputes Over Contracts have on a Company? Litigation in Dispute Resolution & More

Developing contracts with other businesses tends to require time and resources by business owners. To create a contract that is mutually beneficial and ultimately enforceable, it’s critical that you work with your partners. In order to prevent disputes from occurring, these professionals know what needs to be included within a contract since partnering with an…

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Marijuana Drug Use Laws; How Much Can You Possess, Where Can You Buy, Can You Drive After Using & More

It was big news for residents and tourists of Las Vegas when the state of Nevada made the decision for adults to possess and use marijuana. Even though marijuana is legal to use recreationally, there are some restrictions to the law that have created some confusion- confusion that has turned into arrest and criminal convictions…

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What is a Marker in Casino Gambling Terms & What Happens if You Don’t Pay a Casino Marker?

In cases for unpaid casino markers, Nevada law presumes “intent to defraud.” A crime in Nevada under NRS 205.130is failing to pay back casino markers. Because courts automatically presume, they had an “intent to defraud,” it is very difficult for defendants to win casino marker cases. Lines of credit that casinos extend to patrons to…

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Direct VS Circumstantial Evidence; What is Victim Testimony, How Reliable is Eyewitness Memory & More

In TV and the movies, circumstantial evidence is usually dismissed as near nothing while direct evidence is portrayed as damning. Inference is the key as circumstantial evidence relies on inference to connect it to a conclusion of fact. In effect, circumstantial evidence allows for more than one interpretation and explanation of fact. All forensic evidence…

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