Attorney for First Time Assault & Battery Charge; Legal Definition, Representation & More

There are lots of times you might be caught acting outside your normal character and get yourself in trouble. If you find yourself being arrested you want to make sure you know what the charge is. The charge is the main part of the case and tells you the severity of the crime that is being brought up against you. The issue is that there are crimes being committed often and if you fall in one of these common crimes you will be put in the same category as everyone else. The arresting officer many times does not bring into account that you may or may not have been in trouble before. You want to make sure that your lawyer understands criminal law and what it takes to try your case. The case can be lost or won when you choose the right lawyer for your case. When it comes to assault and battery they are not always tried together and they are different. Kajioka & Associates Attorneys At Law Has What Happens When Your Arrested For Assault & Battery.

Definition of Assault

When it comes to an assault charge you should know that you can be tried even if you never go through on a threat of violence. The act of threatening or intimidating another person with the intent on actually causing them any harm is called assault. The assault charge can come when a person calls the police and they file charges against you for this type of action. The action can then be paired with a battery charge as well if the incident goes any further.

What is Battery?

If you are being arrested for a battery charge that means that the threat that you may have handed down has then turned into actual violence. A charge of battery means that another person has been involved and that they have filed against you or that another individual witnessed the attack. The other aspect of battery is that they come in many levels of the crime. The ways that the crime is charged can include a deadly weapon such as a gun, knife or even a car. You can also be charged with a crime that include battery that has then resulted in substantial bodily harm. This might even include that act that you committed has left someone in critical condition. You want to make sure that your attorney has all the details of the case to be sure that the charge matches the crime and that you can start to build up a case.

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If you are arrested for any of these types of crimes you want to make sure that you are up front and honest with the lawyer that you hire. They will need to know if there are any witnesses and what lead up to the actual occurrence. Sometimes a charge may be given when it is not necessary and the actions are not what was originally reported to the officers on scene. Kajioka & Associates Attorneys At Law can help you navigate your way through a case involving assault & battery. Call us today to meet with our legal team.

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