Basic Legal Terms in Las Vegas, NV; from Appeals & Arraignment to Warrants & Writs

Kajioka & Associates, Attorneys at Law have compiled a list of common legal terms to help people be more familiar with the phrases often used. We hope this helps clear up some confusion and as always, if you have any questions and what to seek legal counsel, call the experts of Kajioka & Associates, Attorneys at Law.

Basic Legal Terminology

Appeal: A petition to a higher to review and change the decision of a lower court.
Arraignment: A court procedure where the court formally informs the accused of the criminal charges against them and decides on the amount of bail.
Bail: The amount of money determined by the court that an accused must post to get out of jail.
Due Process: A guarantee that all people cannot be “deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”; a constitutional right that all people have.
Felony: A crime that carries a prison term of at least one year (more serious than a misdemeanor).
Indictment: An issue of a list of charges, decided by a grand jury that’s determines that you should be formally charged with a crime or crimes.
Miranda Warnings: Legal warnings law enforcement officers must recite to suspects in custody if they would like to question the suspects so that the information gathered may later be allowed legally to use as evidence in court.
Misdemeanor: A crime that carries a jail term of less than one year (less serious than a felony).
Perjury: Deliberately making material false or misleading statements while under oath, by the act or an instance of a person.
Probable Cause: A standard legality allowing law enforcement to make an arrest, perform a search on personal property, or attain an arrest warrant. A reasonable person lead to believe that a suspect has committed a crime requires facts or evidence.
Search and Seizure: All people have this constitutional right that enforces limits on the power law enforcement and government agencies to search persons and property, confiscate possessions, and make arrests.
Sentence: The punishment given to a person following a conviction of a crime. The sentence is declared by the judge based either on the trial jury’s verdict or the judge’s decision, depending if there was a deal taken by the person arranged by the district attorney.
Vicarious Liability: The wrongful acts of its employees while on duty are legally responsible by the employer.
Warrant: Approved or signed by a judge or magistrate of a formal written order that gives law enforcement the right to search someone’s car or house or to arrest someone.
Writs: A higher court issuing an order to a lower court or government official, such as a sheriff or a warden, to comply with a decision.

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