Can You Go to Jail for Public Intoxication? How Serious is a Charge & How to Fight It!

If you live in Nevada you should know that you are not breaking a law if you have been drinking out in public. You are in fact allowed and if you go out with friends you will see plenty of people that are drinking. The Las Vegas Strip is a perfect place to come across lots of people that have been drinking and are walking around and enjoying the festivities. Even though consuming alcohol and being in public is not the real problem, this often leads to more trouble. If you have had too much to drink you may not be thinking the way that you should and this can lead to actions that could send you to jail. You want to make sure that you drink wisely and that you are prepared to stop when you have had enough.

Kajioka & Associates Attorneys At Law Outlines what Public Drunkiness Can Lead To

Disturbing the Peace: You are allowed to drink alcohol in public as long as you are able to handle yourself in accordance with the normal standards. You need to be able to continue to act appropriately and to stay away from behaviors that could be an annoyance to other people that might be around. When you are intoxicated and you have been acting out you can be taken into custody for be a disturbance. This disturbance can be noise or actions that are appalling to those around the area. The officer can see these actions and take you into custody or you can be called on by other patrons. Being a disturbance when you are intoxicated happens to be the most common reasons that people end up arrested and sent to jail.
Trespassing Charges: When you are intoxicated and you have had too much to drink you might find yourself wondering around. The wondering might have you in an area that the owner of the manager is not wanting you to be. The reason that you may end up there is that the alcohol will give you some trouble realizing that the social norm is being broke. When you are going into a space that you are not wanted you can be picked up by the officers ad be charged with trespassing. This can come with a longer problem for you and keep you from going back to a particular establishment. It can also land you in jail just from a night out drinking.
Assault Or Battery Charge: Lastly it seems that when you are intoxicated and you have taken the drinking too far many people tend to become belligerent. This can then lead to an altercation with other patrons that may even include your own friends. When this happens and you are out in public you can be arrested for an assault charge or a battery charge. This is a charge that has more ramifications that include jail time and even a mark on your permanent record.

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