Common Traffic Offenses; DUI Charges, Careless or Reckless Driving & Car Assault with Deadly Weapon

We all have the right to live and enjoy life as long as you are not breaking any of the laws. The laws are set up in a way that helps to protect people and property. They are also a way to keep everyone safe and when these laws are broken charges can be filed against the person. The reason that bringing charges up against a person who has been suspected of breaking a law is to deter the action in the future. If you know that there are no repercussions for a crime then everyone would do them. The consequence of a criminal case is to ensure that the person has had the ability to learn a lesson and make some corrections. One area of life that people can get in some criminal trouble is while driving a vehicle. You have a responsibility to operate the car in a way that abides by the laws. There are several crimes that you can be charged with while operating your vehicle. Kajioka & Associates Attorneys At Law lists some of crimes you can be charged with when driving.

DUI Charges

Of course the crime that most people are aware of when it comes to driving is a DUI or a DWI. The crime means that you have been caught operating a vehicle while you are intoxicated by some substance. The substance that most people know comes with a DUI is alcohol but that is not all. You can be on some other medication that a doctor has prescribed you that says you should not operate machinery. You could be abusing any other mind altering drug and get pulled over. The officer will often do some field sobriety tests and then place you under arrest if they suspect you are impaired. This is a crime that you can be charged with and you can be taken to jail and need to go in front of a judge to plead your case.

Careless Or Reckless Driving

When it comes to the way you operate a vehicle there are lots of laws you need to abide by. They include where you can travel, how fast you can travel and when you can and cannot go. When you decide that you are not going to follow these rules an officer can pull you over and charge you with careless driving. Although careless driving is not the reason you might be arrested if you add some damage to property or injury to a person due to your careless driving you are and will be arrested and charged. You will want to make sure that you have a lawyer when you get arrested.

Car Assault with Deadly Weapon Charges

You also can be charged with a crime that includes the injury or death of a person. Many people do not realize that your vehicle is a deadly weapon and if you are operating it and someone has been hit and injured or killed you can have some sort of charge regarding the injury and death but also will include with a deadly weapon.

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