Concept, Powers, Functions, Jurisdiction, Procedure & Types of Cases in Family Law Court

Family Courts operate by law under the Eighth Judicial District Court Family Division and were created in January 1993 with 20 judges set to preside in family and juvenile cases.

Types of Cases in Family Court

• Divorce
• Separations
• Annulment
• Child Custody or legal guardianship are terms that define the child’s relationship to parent or guardian responsible for the child’s care and welfare. The legal guardian has the right to make decisions on behalf of the child and the duty to care for and provide support for the child.
o Joint Custody is whereby both parents shares physical custody.
o Sole Custody is where only one parent has physical custody.
o Legal Custody involves the division of rights between the parents to make important life decisions relating to their child or children.
• Visitation Rights falls under ‘Contact Law’ and defines the level of contact by the non-custodial parent and other significant persons involved in the life of the child. There are rights and privileges associated with the parent and child relationship. In the US visitation rights is considered a privilege of the non-custodial parent.
• Child Support Child support or maintenance is for the financial benefit of the child, not for the parent. Child support is an internationally recognized principle of law. Child support funds can are assumed cover basic food, clothing and ordinary educational needs. Medical costs, usually over $100 are shared. In some jurisdictions a medical order maybe issued requiring to add the child or children to their medical coverage. There are no accountability obligations in most US jurisdictions of the spending of support funds.
• Spousal Support
• Community Property Division
• Name Changes
• Adoption
• Abuse and Neglect

Representing Yourself in Family Court

A unique feature of the family courts is the lack of counsel representing the parties involved in the case. Many cases are initiated and finalized with no counsel to the parties. The Family Law Self-Help Center is to assist those who are going it alone without representation.

Clark County District Attorney Family & Child Support Division

The District Attorney’s Office has a hand in assisting in child support. The DAFS or District Attorney Family Support Child Support Enforcement by:
• Locate a missing parent and determine where they work.
• Set of withholding from the parent’s employer to enforce child support.
• Seize IRS tax refunds to pay child support.
• Driver’s and professional licenses can be suspended if the parent is in arears for a certain amount.
• Can petition the courts for jail time.
The primary task for the family courts is to provide the best solution for the protection and development of the child or children involved. In other words, it is the ‘best interest of the child’ that court decisions and mandates are based upon. Child custody, child support and visitation bedevil the courts and put a major responsibility on the court to provide for the child’s welfare. In cases involving neglect, physical or verbal abuse and in some cases sexual abuse it is imperative to separate the offender and victim. In this case the court must determine any depth of collusion of the non-perpetrating parent or guardian.

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Family courts are fraught with a minefield of various concerns and details that ultimately affect the outcome of the best interests of the parties, particularly the children. Kajioka & Associates Attorneys At Law can assist you in your family law matters. Contact us today!

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