Courtroom Etiquette & Manners for Defendants, Witnesses, Visitors & Observers in Las Vegas, NV; Know Case Info & More

For a defendant, one of the best ways they can help their cause is to sway a judge and jury in their favor. One of the best things to do in gaining favor is to have proper courtroom etiquette. For those who may not know proper courtroom etiquette, Kajioka & Associates Attorneys At Law will break down courtroom etiquette so we can better prepare any defendant for their first court date hearing.

Arrive Early for Court

You will want to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled hearing and most will recommend 30 minutes for better preparation. Make sure you consider the time it will take to go through security. Additionally, don’t bring any weapons such as pocketknives and although quite obvious, don’t take any guns. While you wait for your case to begin, sit in the foyer until the bailiff comes to bring you into the court room. It also benefits the defendant to remain respectful in both speaking and gestures.

Know Your Court Case Information

Don’t be in the dark about your case’s information. Make sure as the defendant to know your case name, number and the department to which your case has been assigned. Also know your hearing date and time. Make sure you have copies of all of documents that you as the defendant were required to submit. Don’t leave everything in the hands of your lawyer. Additionally the court staff is not there to offer the defendant any legal advice. Do not talk with any of the courtroom staff or the judge. If you feel like there is something you want the judge to know, file the document with the county clerk’s office with a notice of delivery. This is a legal entitlement.

Dress for Court in Appropriate Attire

As the defendant you will want to wear clean, neat clothing. Don’t come dressed in a t-shirt, shorts, or flip flops. Wear respectful or professional attire. Make sure, when you enter the courtroom, to remove your hat or sunglasses. Prescription glasses for vision aren’t an issue, of course. Don’t rest your sunglasses on top of your head either. Take them off and put them away.

Cell Phones in the Courthouse

Make sure that your cell phone is turned off or at least put it on silent mode. Don’t have your cell phone set on vibration because it is still rather distracting. Additionally if the cell phone becomes a major disturbance, the bailiff has the right to confiscate it.

Other Courtroom Etiquette Tips

Once in the courtroom always address the judge with either “Judge” or “Your Honor” as it shows proper respect. When spoken to, respond clearly as everything that is said is recorded. Never interrupt or speak over others who may be speaking. Don’t attempt to record with either video or audio unless given previous authorization. No food or chewing gum is permitted inside the courtroom so don’t bring it in. Note: water is provided to you in the courtroom so don’t bring water in either.

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Proper etiquette goes a long way, especially in a courtroom and in front of a judge. As long as the defendant follows courtroom etiquette, leave the rest in the hands of your lawyer. If you’re seeking an exceptional defense, contact Kajioka & Associates Attorneys At Law today.

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