Current State Gun Control Laws; Hiring a Lawyer when You as a Legal Gun Owner Gets Arrested in Las Vegas, NV

There are still ways for licensed citizens to end up in jail for possessing a gun or using it for self-defense purposes, despite having all the legal credentials. Where owning a gun is your constitutional right to protect yourself, family, and property, there are still laws that must be followed. No matter how good and responsible your intentions were, there are different circumstances that might apply to the situation where you can end up being arrested. In an effort to help legal gun owners avoid being arrested for crimes they were unaware of, we at Kajioka and Associates, Attorneys at Law would like to list some of the common reasons why legal gun owners might find themselves under arrest.

Follow Current State Gun Control Laws & Other Tips to Stay Out of Jail when Owning a Gun

Below are a few examples of scenarios that legal gun owners can end up on jail in the State of Nevada.
1) Criminals rarely tell the truth to law enforcement once they have arrived at the scene and they are trying to sort out the event. Where the truth is you utilized your firearm in the attempt to protect yourself, loved ones, and your property in self defense and you explain your side of it to the police offers, the criminal will often relate a different story. One such example is that they will claim that you are a deranged lunatic with a gun that initiated the attack.
2) There are quite a few legal gun owners that are not familiar or fully aware of the current laws regarding firearms. Some find that they are in possession of their firearm in specific places that strictly prohibit their presence. Another situation may be where a firearm owner used their piece in a situation where it was not legally permitted to do so. Unfortunately, being ignorant to the laws surrounding firearm possession and legal use will not help individuals avoid jail time and it is imperative that every responsible and legal gun owner learn and apply the applicable laws.
3) Law enforcement may be uncertain of the law and if it applies or the current situation. There have been cases where police officers had made wrongful arrests to people that are fully licensed and legal firearm owners for crimes that did not apply under the circumstances of the situation, or of a wrong crime, as well as crimes that didn’t even exist under current laws.
4) It is important to understand the role of law enforcement officers is not to decide who is right and who is wrong when they get to a scene of a crime. More often than not, police offers will simply arrest everyone involved and then allow the courts or district attorney to decide the course of action and who do to press charges against with correlating punishments.

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If you are a legally licensed gun owner who has been arrested for utilizing your firearm in a situation, contact Kajioka & Associates, Attorneys at Law and let us represent you in court. Our experienced attorneys will find the maximum ideal solution for your case and put forth every effort to optimize your results.

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