How to Spot Drunk or Impaired Drivers and What to Do if Arrested & Charged with DUI

As a 24-hour town, coming to the early hours of the morning when people are just starting the day, it is not unheard of for someone to be still drinking. Some people are just winding down from an eventful evening of partying, when some folks are just getting off to work at 7 or 8 in the morning. The town is especially known for indulging drinking and other stimulate where many enjoy the night life. It is always ideal to be aware of those around you and see the signs of an intoxicated driver, though you may be the designated driver, or simply navigating your way through the streets and highways. To take the opportunity to point out the common signs of an intoxicated driver, we at Kajioka and Associates, Attorneys at Law would like to help.

United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Signs of Intoxicated Drivers

When it comes to guessing if a person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, finding a reason can prove difficult for police. In order to aid law enforcement determine whether a driver might be drunk behind the wheel, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, has compiled a list of signs to indicate an intoxicated driver. To report them before they hurt themselves or an innocent person on the road, you can avoid being in close proximity to them, take down their vehicle information and license plate number.

How to Spot a Drunk Driver

The most common indicators of an intoxicated driver are listed below:
1) In regard to traffic lights and an officer’s signals, drivers have a slow response
2) Poor driving judgment
3) Drifting off the roadway
4) Driving in the wrong lane
5) Driving excessively fast or slow 10mph or more over or under
6) Erratic braking and speeding
7) Problem stopping
8) Crossing lane lines
9) Obvious impairment
10) Night driving without headlights
11) Nearly colliding with a car or fixed object
12) Unexplained stopping in the lane
13) Inability to stay in the lane
14) Unsafe lane changes
15) Illegal or improper turning
16) Weaving
17) Vigilance problems
18) Unexplained accelerating and decelerating
19) Turning too wide
20) Tailgating
21) Swerving
22) Straddling a lane line
23) Going the wrong way on a one way street
24) Failure to use a turn signal appropriately

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You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer, should you have been arrested for a DUI in Nevada. Vital to fight the charges against you, build a strong defense. As well as reviewing the officer’s reports leading to your arrest, we will investigate the traffic light cameras and dashboards cameras. Your rights may have been violated, if there are no legal reasons as to why you were stopped, or the officer didn’t follow protocol. To help you with your case, the team of Kajioka and Associates, Attorneys at Law is ready to represent you in court. We have the experience you want to ensure you are properly represented. Call us today to schedule your consultation and let us discuss your case.

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