Is Recreational Weed Legal in Nevada, How Many Marijuana Plants Can You Grow & Other FAQ

Legalized marijuana is still fairly new to the locals of Nevada, and many people do not know the specifics concerning the different aspects of its use. Today we at Kajioka and Associates, Attorneys at Law, would like to share some of the frequently asked questions that many people have concerning marijuana.
Q: What is the legal minimum age of marijuana use?
A: Adults 21 years and older.
Q: Is recreational weed legal in Nevada?
A: Legally, you need a medical marijuana card to buy marijuana in Nevada. Currently, stores are prohibited from selling recreational marijuana.
Q: What is the limit to how much marijuana I can have at one time?
A: At any given time, you are permitted to possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana, or up to 1/8 of an ounce of marijuana concentrates. One ounce is more than you might think. In 1 ounce of marijuana there is about 28 grams; according to the RAND Drug Policy Research Center research, the average joint uses approximately 1/2 gram of marijuana; roughly making up to 60 joints.
Q: Can I drive with marijuana in my vehicle?
A: If it is within the legal amount of possession and as long as you are not using it, you are allowed to have marijuana in your vehicle. However, driving under the influence of marijuana remains against the law and not even passengers can smoke under the new law.
Q: How many marijuana plants can you grow in Nevada?
A: To legally grow your own marijuana in Nevada you will have to live more than 25 miles from a marijuana dispensary. You are then allowed to grow up to 6 plants per individual with a maximum of 12 plants in a residence with more than one person living there. Plants are only allowed to be grown where it is not visible from a public place by normal unaided vision.
Q: Can I publicly smoke marijuana?
A: No; smoking or consuming marijuana in any fashion in public, in a retail shop and in a moving vehicle is specifically outlawed.
Q: Since smoking cigarettes in casinos is legal, can I also smoke marijuana?
A: No, casinos in Nevada are regulated by federal law.
Q: Can I smoke marijuana in local bars, hookah lounges, or other such establishments?
A: Where Nevada would like to create public locations to consume marijuana, at this time it is illegal to do so.
Q: Where can I smoke marijuana legally?
A: To legally smoke or consume any cannabis products, you can only do so is in a private residence.
Q: If I do get caught smoking in public, what are the penalties?
A: Considered a misdemeanor that could bring a citation with a fine up to $600 per offense and other penalties, public consumption is illegal and strictly enforced.
Q: Who can legally sell marijuana?
A: Licensed dispensaries are the only entities that can sell marijuana. Any non-licensed sale of marijuana is a felony offense.
Q: Can I gift marijuana to someone?
A: Under the state’s allowable limit and someone of the legal age of 21 years or older, giving marijuana to another adult as a gift is legal.
Q: Can I get fired from my place of employment if I test positive for marijuana on a drug screen?
A: Yes; employers can legally ban marijuana use in the workplace. Keep in mind that even if you are not high when tested, marijuana metabolites in your system, showing positive use that can be used for termination by an employer.
Q: What are the consequences if I give marijuana to someone under 21?
A: Being that users must be over 21, giving it someone under the age is illegal and is considered a misdemeanor; anyone under 18 would be a gross misdemeanor.

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Where many local Nevadans and people visiting our State’s tourist attraction use marijuana recreationally, there are still laws regulating the use. If you are being investigated or have been arrested for a marijuana related crime; whether you are a local or from out of state, contact the experts of Kajioka and Associates, Attorneys at Law for your consultation.

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