Most Dangerous Driving Distractions for Teenage Drivers; Cell Phones, Passengers, Sound Systems & More

Getting a driver’s license can be such an exciting time for your teenager. As a teenager, you finally feel free and can go where and when you want. Maybe you feel a little bit the same way as a parent. You don’t have to drive them around anymore. Even though it is an exciting time you, as a parent, need to remind your teenager of the many distractions there can be when they are driving. Kajioka & Associates Attorney At Law wants to help you and your teen remember and learn about the distractions there can be while driving.

Cell Phones are a Distraction While Driving

Teenagers already love having a phone that they can talk, text, and post. For many teens, they don’t want to miss out on anything with their friends. So, when your child gets a text, call, or notification, it is really hard not to look to see who it is and what it is about. As a parent, you should talk to your kids about the dangers of texting or looking at their phones while driving. It only takes a few seconds to look down at your phone for something bad to happen. As a parent, you should set a good example and not be on your phone while driving also.

Distracting Passengers

As much as cell phones can be a distraction, having someone in the car with your teenager can be just as distracting. Parents can set limits on the type and number of passengers allowed in the car with their teens. Limiting passengers can be useful during the first year of driving to allow your teen to gain valuable experience behind the wheel.

Car Stereos Can Be Distracting While Driving

Now we know how kids like their music. It’s fun to blast music in the car. But music can be a distraction. If it is too loud then they may not hear what is going on around them. They could miss sirens coming up to pass them. You can have your teen set the volume before heading out on the road. That way they don’t have to worry about it being too loud or looking down to adjust the volume. You also need to remember that the teens have their music on their phones. As a parent, you can encourage your teen drivers to set up their playlists for getting in the car.

Grooming While Driving is Unsafe Behavior

Have you ever tried to finish your makeup in the car not as a driver, but as a passenger? It is not easy. So, think how dangerous it would be, especially for a teenager who hasn’t been driving very long, to get ready while driving. When they try to get ready it takes their hands off the wheel and eyes off the road. As a parent, you can advise your teenagers to put on makeup, brush hair, etc. before they set out on their drive. Just because they are running late does not mean that it is okay to get ready while driving. It Is a lot safer to get ready before they leave the house.

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Getting in a car accident is not something anybody wants to have happen. So, let’s limit the distractions for your brand-new teen driver. Continue to remind them about these distractions so that they will not do them and they will get home safely to you. Kajioka & Associates Attorney At Law is here to help you in any way when it comes to your teen driver. Call us for your legal representation needs.

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