Prescription Drug Defense to Fight Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Charge in Las Vegas, NV

When you hear the term DUI, most people automatically think of drinking and driving. Most DUI charges are associated with alcohol or illegal drug usage while driving. However, alcohol or drugs isn’t the only substance that can put you in jail or leave you with a DUI charge. Prescription medication that causes you to be impaired while driving can also lead to a DUI charge. This can be rather surprising for some. Kajioka & Associates Attorney At Law will explain how even a prescribed legal medication, can still result in a DUI.

How Taking Prescription Drugs Can Impair Driving; Drowsiness & More

There are many prescription medications that can leave a person impaired and deemed unsafe for the person taking them to operate a vehicle. Some common types of medication that can impair a driver are medication for depression, pain management, and allergies. Many of these medications are very common and widely used throughout the country. Some of the common side effects that can lead to impaired driving that these types of medication cause are:
• Drowsiness or Dizziness
• Blurred Vision
• Delayed Reactions
• Reduced Coordination
• Impaired Concentration

Don’t Take Prescription Medications Before Driving

Most professional health care providers or doctors will or should advise their patients that take medication that causes these types of side effects, to take the medication hours before driving. Each prescription varies on its side effects and how long the side effect may last. Additionally, each person’s own reaction to the medication can vary so it is important to know how a prescribed medication can affect your body and how long the effects can last for you. If not advised by a doctor, make sure you read the label or any warning they may provide. If a prescription drug has a prolonged negative affect on you individually, you might need to ask your doctor to adjust your dosage. For those who don’t feel the effects of their prescription medication and think it isn’t enough to impair driving, you may want to rethink your actions anyway. Make sure you follow your doctor’s orders and wait the proper amount of time between taking your medication and driving. Most people don’t realize that they are impaired and will attempt to drive anyway. When you choose to drive too early or while under the influence of a prescribed medication, it can and does result in a DUI.

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Police officers are trained in detecting drivers under the influence. They are constantly on the lookout for signs of an impaired driver due to the high number of accidents and fatalities involving intoxicated drivers, including those who simply took a prescribed medication. Remember DUI or Driving Under the Influence is what the law deems as an unsafe driver. Even a prescription drug can result in impaired driving. Later an arrest and DUI charges can be filed against you. If you were arrested for driving under the influence contact a defense attorney. Kajioka & Associates Attorney At Law is a criminal defense attorney office that provides assistance to those charged with DUIs. Even if you were arrested for the use of a prescribed medication and found yourself charged with a DUI, contact Kajioka & Associates Attorney At Law today.

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