Representation for “Primary Aggressors” Charged with Domestic Violence in Las Vegas, NV

It is highly likely someone will be going to jail and facing the consequences when the Las Vegas police department responds to your home on a domestic violence complaint. More often than not, the officers will make a decision before having all the facts, though there are two sides to every story. Once an arrest is made the prosecutor decides if the case moves forward when it comes to a Nevada resident being charged with domestic violence. Domestic charges cannot be dropped of the alleged victim cannot change their mind. By law police officers are required by law to arrest an accused perpetrator should they believe someone was a victim of domestic battery.
Contacting an experienced attorney such as Kajioka & Associates, Attorneys at Law, is your best response if you been arrested on domestic assault, battery, or another domestic violent crime. Today, we at Kajioka & Associates, Attorneys at Law would like to elaborate on domestic violence in Nevada. Unless NV prosecutors know the defendant is not guilty, even if the accuser recants, they cannot reduce or drop the domestic battery charges. If there is a conviction, it will include a jail sentence, which can be potentially suspend, hefty fines, court appointed counseling, and community service. You never want to face the domestic violence in Nevada without an experienced attorney.

Victims of Domestic Violence

The Las Vegas Police, under the Nevada laws, consider a victim of domestic violence if the the following have occurred:
– Strangled
– Hit
– Slapped
– Shot
– Stabbed
– Verbal abuse
– Sexual abuse
– Harassment
– Threaten with a deadly weapon
– Stalked
– Other physical violence

Domestic Violence Aggressor

Domestic violence includes if the suspect’s relationship to the victim are; girlfriend, boyfriend, intimate partner, in-law, roommate, family member or acquaintance. The parties involved are separated, the injuries are assessed, and emergency assistance is called as necessary once the police arrive at the scene of the domestic dispute. Presuming this is not already apparent, they will talk to each party separately in order to determine who the victim is and who the aggressor is. Once determined, they will charge the aggressor and take them to jail. An arrest will take place afterward in some cases, if an alleged victim may file a police report of domestic with LV police; reports can be filed online, in person, or over the phone.

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Following an arrest, the person arrested will have a domestic violence case existing against them. This can go without further investigation, whether or not the actual perpetrator of violence in the dispute was arrested. Generally, after the arrest and a bail amount has been set, you can bail yourself from jail. A sentence upon conviction includes up to six months in jail and a fine that does not exceed $1,00 for a domestic battery that is classified a misdemeanor. For proper representation against domestic violence, call Kajioka & Associates, Attorneys at Law and make your consultation appointment where we can offer advice and feedback about your specific case.

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