Types of Drug Charges; Possession with Intent to Distribute, Trafficking, Manufacturing Cases & More

There are lots of people that will end up with a charge that they are not sure about. The law in your area has books about what is acceptable and what is breaking the law. The laws that are broken can end up with you being arrested and this can then lead to a charge that you will have to defend yourself against in a court of law. The problem that many defendants have is that they are not sure what the charge means and what they can do to defend themselves. Of course the best course of action is to hire legal counsel that can try the case for you. They know the ins and outs of the law and have likely had cases that are similar to your own. The other thing is to understand some of the different charges and what they mean. One area of charges that can be hard to understand is when you are arrested and get a drug charge. These are often hard to defend but you can try to find the lesser of the charges in your area. Kajioka & Associates Attorneys At Law outline the different types of drug charges.

Drug Possession

One of the most common types of drug arrests happens to be a charge of possession. This means that you have likely been pulled over by the police and they have some reason to believe that there are drugs in the car. Often this is from a visual clue or an odor that they can distinguish as some sort of elicit drug. When they do a search of the car or the person and they find drugs a charge will come. The reason that you will get a simple possession charge is if the arresting officer will find drugs that are the amount that a person may use on their own. This usually has an amount that the drug has to weigh under to receive this type of change.

Drug Possession With Intent to Distribute

The next step you might end up in is if you are arrested and the drugs that are found happen to be more than a single person’s use. They also have to find something that is used to sell the drugs to other people. This can be scales, baggies or even a large amount of cash in small bills. If you are thought to be selling the drugs you can end up with a charge of possession with the intent to sell. This is a step up and the outcome of the court can be more substantial.

Drug Trafficking

The next level you might be charged with happens to be a drug trafficking charge. This is a major charge that you can end up with a long sentence from. The officers will often find signs of trafficking which means you are likely moving the drugs from state to state and even over national lines as well. You also might have large quantities that are hidden as well as other paraphernalia that can prove that you are likely trafficking the drugs.

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