What are My Rights as a Tenant in Las Vegas, NV? Habitable Residence, Security Deposit, Eviction & More

Are you a renter in Nevada or about to be a renter really soon? Something you should know is your rights as a renter before signing a lease agreement. It does not matter if you are renting a house, apartment or condo. Make sure you know and understand your rights. You do not want to be shocked or thrown through a loop when something out of the ordinary comes up. Kajioka & Associates Attorneys At Law wants to help you understand what to look for when you are signing a renter’s agreement. We want your renting experience to be an enjoyable one.

Living in a Habitable Residence

When you are living in a rental, you want the place you are in to be safe without any threat of living in dangerous conditions. A landlord or property owner is required to make all necessary repairs to keep the residence sustainable. You should not have to repair or buy anything to upgrade or fix the place you are living in. The landlord or property owner is responsible for all repairs and maintenance. They need to make sure the place you are living in is safe and everything works properly. Nothing should come out of your pocket to repair anything. You do not own the property therefore you are not responsible to fix it.

Understand Security Deposit & Eviction Notice

Make sure you understand the security deposit and eviction notice. These terms must be disclosed in the lease agreement. You need to make sure there is a clear understanding of this when you are signing the lease agreement. You don’t want there to be any problems in the future because you miss understood or did not read what you were signing. That goes for both the landlord and the renter. Make sure everything is understandable and clear in the lease agreement.

Can the Landlord Enter the Property at Any Time?

The landlord can have access to the rental property, after all, they do own it. But they must provide you with a 24-hour notice before they enter into the rental. Even though you are renting from them, you still have the right to your privacy. Make sure that it says this in the lease agreement and that the landlord or property owner sticks to this agreement.

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We understand that you are renting from someone. But make sure you know and understand what you are signing before you sign it. You want to make sure you are living in the best situation for yourself. The landlord or property owner and you need to abide by the agreement to make your renting situation go smoothly. If you are having issues or need help Kajioka & Associates Attorneys At Law are here to help you out with any of the problems you are having with your lease agreement. We want to help ensure that you receive a fair agreement and protect you from being taken advantage of. Call us to learn more today.

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