What Drugs Can Be Considered Trafficking? What are the Consequences of this Crime?

If you are caught in possession of drugs that you do not have a prescription for then you could be dealing with criminal drug offense charges. This is a very serious crime in the State of Nevada. You could be faced with jail time and have it left on your permanent record. The State of Nevada does not take having drugs lightly. If you are faced with a drug trafficking crime this is a more serious crime in the state of Nevada. The penalties of this are harsher and you will want to find a good attorney to take your case. You want an attorney that knows what they are doing and can give you the best outcome that can come from this charge.

Drug Trafficking Laws in Nevada

In Nevada state law they separate the substances into different categories. Some of the categories are illegal drugs, man-made, controlled substances, chemicals, street drugs, and even prescription medications. Some of the drugs that have been classified as controlled substances can be heroin, cocaine, crack, LSD, morphine, methamphetamines, and more. A defendant can be charged with possession of these and can also be charged with possession of selling them. With many controlled substances a defendant could also be charged with trafficking, which is a more serious drug crime and could lead to a lot more serious charges. These statutes that are related to trafficking, can include selling, manufacturing, developing, and bringing it into the state. The defendant can be charged if he has substances in his possession.

Consequences of Drug Trafficking

The penalties to the defendant will depend on the amount of substance that was in the defendant’s possession. If the defendant has between 4g and 14g of controlled substances the minimum penalty is one-year imprisonment to six years imprisonment with a fine of $50,000. If the defendants are found with 14g to 28g they will face a harsher penalty of 2 years to 15 years in prison with a $100,000 fine. If the defendant has 28g or more they can be facing life in prison with possible parole after 10 years. This is why you need a good defense attorney to help you get the best outcome of your sentence.

Is Drug Trafficking Federal Crime?

Drug trafficking is also illegal under federal law. If you are charged with a federal crime you could be looking at more serious penalties than those who were imposed by the state law.

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The State of Nevada and federal laws do not take drug trafficking lightly. If you are being faced with drug trafficking charges you need an attorney who knows what they are doing and has a background in defending a client with drug trafficking. If you are being charged with drug trafficking give Kajioka & Associates Attorneys At Law a call today and we can help you with your case. We want to give you the best outcome you can get with the high stake circumstances you are facing under these charges.

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