What Gender Gets in More Car Accidents? Who Drives More & Who are Better Drivers; Males or Females?

The questions as to whether men or women are better drivers has been around for as long as vehicles have been on the road. Usually, you will hear men make the bold statement that women are awful drivers. However, they may want to hold their tongues the next time they go to make that statement. Kajioka & Associates Attorneys at Law is here to put this argument to rest as we discuss which sex is better at driving, men or women.

Who Causes More Accidents; Men or Women?

Here we are again in a bit of a battle of the sexes when talking about men and women drivers. To put certain claims to the test, studies have been conducted to find out the facts to such claims of one sex dominating the other behind the wheel. Many may be surprised to find out that women are the cause of car accidents less than men are. In recent studies, men are the cause of 59% of car accidents while women only cause 38% of them. In the remaining 3%, no certain sex was faulted for the accident. Data shows that women as a whole are more cautious while men have a more care-free attitude when they are driving which could account for the difference in accident fault.

Who are Better Drivers Males or Females Statistically?

Aside from accidents, there are many different traffic violations that men make over women. When it comes to failing to yield, men will make that mistake more often than women do. Also, not wearing a seat belt, speeding and reckless driving is all more likely to happen when a man is behind the wheel rather than a woman. As for driving under the influence of alcohol, men are more likely to drive intoxicated with a ratio of 3 to 1 when compared to women.

Who Drives More; Male or Female?

Many males will defend their driving statistics by pointing out that the studies can’t possibly be right because males tend to drive more often and for farther distances than women do. While that could possibly be true, it is important to note that regardless, the goal is for all drivers on the road to be safe while they are operating a vehicle. It is a responsibility all drivers carry with them.

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