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After getting arrested on criminal charges, whether you are guilty or not, you need to have a qualified representative to defend you and guide you through the court process. Generally, you will have the opportunity to bail out of jail, depending on how serious the crime, your criminal history, and other circumstances, the bail amount will be set by a judge. After you have been bailed, you will want to resume your responsibilities, but most importantly, you will want to find a good defense lawyer you feel will better serve you. Today, we at Kajioka & Associates, Attorneys at law would like to share some tips on how to go about finding a defense lawyer to suit your needs.

Finding Good Local Criminal Lawyers Near Me

Specializes in Criminal Law: In a court of law, there are many types of law that is practiced; bankruptcy law, civil law, corporate law, and so on. Obviously, you will want an attorney who includes criminal law in their practice so they are familiar with the laws and practices relevant to your case. Where there are many different criminal law attorneys, finding one who has more experience or specializes with the specifics of your case can maximize your defense. For example, there are some criminal defense attorneys that specialize in DUI and illegal substance charges where others have more experience dealing more severely violent crimes. When hiring a defense lawyer, look for one that has the experience handling the crimes you have been charged with.
Research Testimonials, Reviews, References: Soliciting recommendations from family members and friends is a great way to start you on your search. Where many people don’t want loved ones knowing about problems with law, you can turn to the ones who may point you in the right direction. Next option is researching online. Start your search to criminal attorneys that have experience with the charges against you and specifically seek honest reviews. It would be suspect if an attorney had nothing but positive reviews because it is impossible. Where there may be some negative feedback, you still want to find the attorney where the average consensus is positive.
Book Your Free Consultation Appointment: Generally, most criminal defense attorneys will offer a free consultation service. This is the time where the details of your case is discussed and they give their opinions on the matter. You will have the opportunity to ask them their experience, what they specialize in, how long they been practicing, and so on. Be hesitant of any attorney that can guarantee an outcome or seems too confident because no matter how good or reputable they are, they cannot make any guarantees.
Understand the Fees: If the fees seem too good to be true, they probable are. Where some of the less experienced attorneys may have reduced fees in comparison to the more experienced attorneys, you should expect the fees to be around the same range.
Trust Your Instincts: The bottom line is when you have narrowed down your candidates, trust your instincts. If you do not feel right about a lawyer, move on to another. When you talk with them you can see their strengths and see which attorney in the end will better represent you. Go with the lawyer you have the most confidence with.

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