Who is Responsible for a Slip & Fall Accident in a Store in Las Vegas, NV? Are These Accidents Hard to Prove?

It is common for people in the Las Vegas area to go onto other people’s property every day. Such examples include going to work, going over to friends or family member’s homes, to restaurants and stores as well. People usually are focused on the reason that they are at the place when they go to these various locations. From the shopping they want to complete, going out eating and drinking, socializing with friends and family and other tasks is often the focus. Their safety is generally not something they are thinking about. Today, we at Kajioka & Associates, Attorneys at Law would like to further discuss when store owners are liable for slip and fall injuries.

Pain & Suffering from a Slip & Fall Accident

There is an expectation that the property owner or store owner will ensure that the property is safe for the customers when people are in stores. In slip-and-fall type accidents, this does not always happen though and customers may hurt themselves. Since some slip and falls can result in significant injuries which require extensive medical treatment, these types of accidents can result in varying degrees of injuries. This also usually means that people will incur significant medical bills as well.

Are Slip & Fall Accidents Hard to Prove?

To prove liability, certain elements are needed. They are not liable for all accidents that occur on the property, store owners may be required to compensate the victims of these accidents for the damages they suffered. If certain elements are proven, they are only liable. The dangerous condition that caused the accident is created by the store owner or the employees. The store owner is only liable if they had actual notice or constructive knowledge of the dangerous condition and did not remedy it or warn customers about it if the dangerous condition was caused by someone other than an employee.

Are Store Owners Responsible for Slip & Fall Claims?

In the Las Vegas area, it is not uncommon for different things to go wrong in stores and dangerous conditions to form. In order to prevent everything from occurring, store owners are not expected. When they do occur, they are expected to remedy the situation, however. They may be required to compensate people for the damages they suffer as a result if in the event they do not and customers are injured as a result. Consulting with experienced attorneys could be beneficial since these can be very fact-specific matters though.

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