Can You Be Under the Influence on Prescription Drugs in Las Vegas, NV? How to Fight DUI Charge & More

When you think of getting a DUI most of the time you think of drinking alcohol or illegal drugs while driving. Often it is because you drink too much and got behind the wheel. But you can also get a DUI for being under the influence of prescription medication. Even if it was prescribed by a doctor you could still get a DUI for prescription drugs. If you get charged for a DUI while you were on prescription drugs given by a doctor then you shouldn’t just ignore it. You can fight it. Kajioka & Associates Attorneys At Law wants to help you know how to fight when you get pulled over and get a DUI for prescription drugs.

Fight DUI Charge for Prescription Drugs

Unlike driving under the influence of alcohol, where they can prove that you were intoxicated because of your blood alcohol levels. A prosecutor may have a harder time proving when you are using a controlled substance because it is subjective. You can try to argue that you weren’t impaired, but it isn’t always that easy. You may need more evidence and arguments to help get your DUI off your record.

Probable Cause

When you get pulled over law enforcement must have probable cause to be pulling you over. This could be bad driving, accidents, or traffic violations. If the police are lacking probable cause when they pull you over then any evidence that they might have on you and you using prescription drugs can be excluded from the case.

What Else Does Drunk Driving Look Like?

People can drive poorly when they are tired, depressed, or even sick. Taking prescription medication can be just one factor in how you are driving. Mental health issues can cause someone to also drive poorly. When you get an experienced attorney, they can help argue that other factors come into play to have a police officer think you were driving under the influence. When they are doing a sobriety test and the officer has observed impairment then your attorney could also argue that there could be a physical disability that could cause your balance to be off.

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If you get a DUI even for the first time it could have consequences. If this has happened to you, you want to make sure you get the best solution for your problem. You want to make sure you get a good defense attorney. One that will find the mistakes that happened when you got arrested by the police officer. A good defense attorney can help you protect your rights. Kajioka & Associates Attorneys At Law are great and experienced attorneys that can help you get what you deserve after you get a prescription drug DUI. Don’t hesitate to call. We will fight for you and help you so you don’t have to have a DUI on your record, even if it is your very first one.

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