How Can We Prevent Car Accidents in the Rain in Las Vegas, NV? Drive at Slower Speed, Replace Wipers & More

The saying a little rain never hurt anybody is not always true. Living in Vegas we get some pretty amazing rainstorms. They may not be very often or last for a long time but our rain storms are downpours that can make driving a little scarier at the time. Kajioka & Associates Attorneys At Law wants the help give you some tips on how to avoid car accidents when you are driving in the rain.

Replace Windshield Wipers

You do not want to wait until a big rainstorm to realize that you need to replace your windshield wipers. Las Vegas can be pretty hot for many months. The heat can damage the plastic and rubber part on your windshield wipers. They can crack and break easily if you are not taking care of them properly. If they have become damaged you need to replace them so that you do not get caught in a big downpour and do not have windshield wipers that work properly while driving.

Drive at a Slower Speed in the Rain

When it is raining you should always watch your speed and slow down to avoid a collision. When it rains in Las Vegas the roads become very slippery. It does not rain very often and because of this, the roads get layers of grease, oil, and engine fluid on them. So when it rains it makes the road slippery from all of these layers that the rain is getting wet trying to wash away. If you are driving when it is raining make sure you are smart with the speed you are going, so you do not have issues with your car on these slippery roads.

Do Not Tailgate in Rainy Weather

It is never a good idea to tailgate somebody. It is an even worse idea to try to do it when you are driving while it is raining. When you are driving in a rain storm you cannot see as well. Because you cannot see as well your reaction time to hit on your breaks is less than it would be with clear skies. If you add together the slippery roads plus your reaction time is less than normal because you can’t see as well. Then you have a higher chance of getting into a car accident. Give the cars around you space it will be safer for everyone.

It is Bad to Drive Through Large Puddles of Running Water

Living in Las Vegas we get downpours of rain. It may be quick but we get a lot of rain that causes a lot of flooding. If you see large puddles of water that has accumulated or if you see running water don’t try to go through it. If you try to go through it you can lose the traction of your car and possibly be swept away. Or you may also get stuck in the water. The best thing you can do is try to find another way and avoid the water.

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