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Do I Need a Lawyer for a Misdemeanor Offense in Las Vegas, NV? Avoid Doing Jail Time & More

With the many different reasons for needing an attorney, criminal charges are definitely where having an attorney on your side is in your better interest. Having an experienced lawyer representing your defense can truly impact the outcome of your case. When people get arrested for criminal charges, it is either considered a felony or a…

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Criminal Defense; Probable & Reasonable Cause Legal Definition, Circumstantial Evidence & More

A few tenets need to be understood before we begin. First is the difference in the missions and priorities between local, here meaning municipal police or county sheriff’s office, and federal investigative authorities mission priorities. Local law enforcement is tactical law enforcement, while at the federal level you have the strategic initiative. Local police and…

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Involuntary Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Las Vegas, NV; Objecting to, Requirements & Ch. 7 Liquidation

Has your business been forced into an involuntary bankruptcy? You may be wondering what this could mean for your company and if you need legal help. When a company is faced with an involuntary bankruptcy, this could mean a complete liquidation of your company’s assets. This is why Kajioka & Associates Attorneys At Law will…

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