Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor is a Misdemeanor in Nevada; Being Falsely Accused & Other Defenses

A misdemeanor in Nevada is contributing to the delinquency of a minor. To contribute to a child’s delinquent behavior or neglect it is a crime in Nevada for a person. Being destitute, being homeless, or living in a brothel or other unfit home; begging in public, having no adult supervision, being in the company of criminals, or in a saloon; missing school habitually or leading an idle or immoral life; or taking drugs or alcohol or otherwise breaking the law; are specific examples of a person who faces contributory delinquency charges for causing a child under 18 years old to be put in any of the these situations. With a maximum punishment of six months in jail, and/or a $1,000 fine are the consequences associated with this charge. Today, we at Kajioka & Associates, Attorneys at Law, would like to continue to elaborate on is contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Being Falsely Accused of Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor

It is in fact very serious in that it can cost you your job and even your relationships with others while this is seemingly an innocuous charge. Your chances in family court can be ruined in the event this offense comes to custody battles. To protect your rights and get you on a path towards dismissal or exoneration, you need to contact us today to provide you with a rigorous defense. Against any criminal charge, a false accusation is a defense. This type of charge is the result of false allegations in many cases. With the help of Kajioka & Associates, Attorneys at Law, for example, we will pour over every detail and fact to be certain to cull all viable material that will favor your case. Whether by accident or design, sometimes the police arrest the wrong person. In spite or because of revenge, other times, angry spouses or children will deliberately accuse someone. A good criminal defense attorney comes in to play when this occurs. To show that the accuser may have ulterior motives, we will vigorously investigate and gather evidence.

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In order to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt, the prosecutor has to be thorough. This indicates all jurors have to be absolutely sure of a person’s guilt to convict. These cases are settled or dismissed nine times out of ten. So, that you can go on with your life, let us help you get these charges dropped. Many people get caught in this scenario without realizing it in addition to the above defense. Children today are advanced in their technological prowess. In the event their children are misbehaving online, parents that do not monitor their kids can be subject to this charge. When coaching, parenting, babysitting, and so forth, you have to be careful at all times when it comes to children. If you are chaperoning a field trip and some of the students get alcohol and drink it in their room then you can get charged with this offense for instance. If you are facing these charges, call Kajioka & Associates, Attorneys at Law and let us assist you!

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