How to Choose a Nursing Home; Assisted Living Facility Referral Sources, No Reputation for Abuse & More

Watching a beloved family member grow older can be an emotional experience for everyone involved. Some people age without any major health problems or limitations while others have many physical or mental limitations that start to surface. You may be faced with the decision at some point about whether or not you will put your loved one in a nursing home. Kajioka & Associates Attorneys at Law works with people on a regular basis who have put their loved one into a nursing home. We have some things that you will want to look for as your search for the right nursing home for your loved one.

Nursing Home Referral Sources

Before you start researching nursing homes you will want to talk to your family members to make sure that everyone is okay with the decision. Sometimes family members do not engage the entire family in the discussion before making this large decision. You may be surprised that one of your family members has an opinion that helps you make this decision. Once you have everyone on the same page you will want to start looking. Your research should include a variety of methods. First you will want to talk to any friends that you have that have one of their loved ones in a nursing home. They will be able to give you some helpful tips from their own experience. They may also be able to give you some information on nearby nursing homes if they live in the area.

Types of Assisted Living Facilities

In addition to talking to your friends you will also want to research all of the facilities that are a viable option for your family member. As you do your research you will learn that there are many different types of nursing homes. You will want to pick the type of facility that works best for the needs of your family member. Every person will have a unique set of needs that need to be met. Not every nursing home will be the right fit for your loved one’s needs.

Visit Nursing Homes

After you have picked a few nursing homes that you think might work for you schedule a visit. Physically going to the facility will be one of the most helpful things that you do as you are making your decision. Pay careful to your first impression. Typically our gut instincts are fairly accurate. When you walk into the nursing home pay attention to what it smells like. You do not want your family member to live in a place that smells nasty. A quality nursing home should be fresh, airy, and odor-free. When you have narrowed it down the nursing home that you think you want to use we recommend making an unscheduled visit at a different time of day than your original visit. This will help you see a more natural view of the facility.

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We hope that all of your careful research will yield pleasurable results. IF you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance where you are having issues such as abuse with the nursing home that you selected Kajioka & Associates Attorneys at Law can help you. Give us a call to go over any concerns that you are having.

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