Famous White Collar Crimes; Ponzi Schemes, Identity Theft, Bankruptcy Fraud & More

When you think about the people that are behind bars or arrested you probably think about danger. There are many people that have been arrested for crimes that are violent in some way but there is a large group that have not caused any physical harm to anyone. These are the gentleman and ladies that you see heading off to work in a business suit and spending time in their community. The white collar criminal is someone that has been arrested for a crime that is non-violent and is usually in the realm of that person’s everyday business. They are usually a business professional that has been using unlawful practices in some aspect of their business. They are arrested on these types of charges and are not wanted for injuring a person’s well-being in any way. A white collar criminal is still being tried for a crime that can send them to jail or prison just like any other criminal. The work that has to be done defending these white collar crimes is intense and needs the special hand of an attorney that specializes in these types of cases.

Kajioka & Associates Attorneys At Law Lists Some White Collar Crimes

Ponzi Scheme: A Ponzi scheme is a business plan that needs the use of investors. The investors will be talked into investing their cash into a business plan with the thought that they will have fast returns. The business plan often includes a high yield on your investment. The problem is that unlike a proper investment in a lucrative company the Ponzi scheme is more like a pyramid structure. The money that each new investor is giving to the business is actually going to pay the yield on the last investors money. The problem is that this ends badly for all investors and the amount of manipulation and deceptive practices are the reason the business man is charged with a crime.
Identity Theft: The next white collar crime that seems to be sweeping the nation is from people running an identity theft ring. The amount of Americans that are being a part of some form of identity theft is sky rocketing. The more people use online accounts to manage all their personal date has been the reason for the increase. The theft can lead to stealing access to bank accounts, credit cards and even your tax return. There are many levels of identity theft and no matter what level you are a part of the charges will be brought against you. These charges are considered to be white collar because they are not violent even though they can feel very intrusive.
Bankruptcy Fraud: Another common white collar crime that when taken advantage of can make it difficult for those that really need it. The bankruptcy laws exist so that someone that has debt that has no longer able to be managed can get some relief. It is a great option for people that use it right but there are some that will use it for gain. They might not show some assets that they have because they want to dismiss other debts that exist. If you are found to be hiding or inflating anything in your filing, you can be charged with a crime.

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