Reasons Prosecutors Drop Charges; First Offense, No Victims Come Forward & More

Getting charged and arrested for a crime can be a stressful time, whether you are innocent or guilty of the crime. Once you have been released from jail on bail, or have opening to contact a lawyer, you should do so to begin your defense. However, just because you have been officially charged, does not necessarily mean prosecutors will pursue your case and opt to prosecute you for the crime. Where it is always better to be prepared, there are many examples as to why the prosecutors will choose to drop the criminal charges against you.

Why Do Prosecutors Sometimes Drop Charges?

In regards to a criminal case, the defendant is the suspect or the person charged with the crime and the state is the plaintiff where prosecutors are the attorneys that represent the plaintiff, or state. In this application, it is the prosecutor who ultimately decides if the state should move forward on a case. Below, we at Kajioka and Associates, Attorneys at Law have listed the most common reasons why prosecutors will drop the charges.
1) First Offense. In the event you are accused of a minor crime and you have no criminal history, prosecutors may give you a pass.
2) No Victims or Witnesses Come Forward. While prosecutors ultimately make this decision, if they do not have any available witnesses, because victim will frequently change their minds whether to press forward, they may not be able to build a case.
3) Willingness to Cooperate. Prosecutors may be willing to work out a deal where they drop the criminal charges in return for a willingness to work with prosecutors to help them on other crimes or otherwise be of assistance.
4) Evidence is Lacking. Prosecutors know it is not simple to win a criminal case. With the incredible responsibility of proving guilt without a reasonable doubt of a crime, prosecutors want the evidence to back their case. Little evidence that may link you to the crime isn’t always enough for a conviction and if there isn’t enough to prove your guilt, even if the prosecutors knows you are guilty, prosecutors will often drop the case.
5) Lack of Resources. Prosecutors, unfortunately, deal with a plethora of criminal cases that they simply cannot prosecute them all. They usually allocate their resources to more high priority cases as a result. Because of the lack of resources, if you have been convicted of minor crimes in the past or they truly do not believe they can convict you, they may likely drop the charges.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Greater Las Vegas, Nevada

No matter what your crime is, or what you know about the facts of the case, contact Kajioka and Associates, Attorneys at law for your defense. Our experienced attorneys will evaluate the options the prosecutor has to drop the charges and arrange a favorable deal in your behalf. If we believe the prosecution has a case against you, we will do all we can to help you in the most optimal way according to the circumstances of your particular case.

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