How Do I Fight a Credit Card Charge in Las Vegas, NV? Victim of Fraud, Entrapment & More

Are you being charged with credit card fraud? Have you used somebody else’s credit card that was not yours? There are many circumstances where you could use somebody else’s credit card. But in what situation did you use somebody else’s credit card or somebody else’s identity? If you are being charged with credit card fraud let’s talk about how to defend yourself against credit card charges. Kajioka & Associates Attorneys At Law wants to help you learn about some defenses you can use so that you do not get charged with credit card fraud if that was not your intention.

You are a Victim of Credit Card Fraud

As sad as it is, it is very common for someone’s identity to get stolen and someone to commit credit card fraud. When your identity is stolen you become the victim. For your defense, you could try and prove that you are a victim and that you are not the actual individual who committed the identity theft or the crime in question.

Confusion on Authorization

Accidents happen if you accidentally use a credit card that you thought you were authorized to use, such as an employer’s credit card or family member’s credit card. This can be considered an act of credit card fraud. If you were not actually permitted to use it but truly believe that you were permitted or allowed to use this card. Then you can try to claim this on your defense.


Entrapment is when you committed a crime that you otherwise would not have committed but you believe you were set up. If you believe this has happened to you and you illegally use a credit card. This could be used as a defense strategy in your case. You just need to show that you were entrapped and are a victim.

You were Forced

If you used somebody’s personal data or credit card against your own will because you were under distressed or threatened. Then you can use this as a defense strategy. If you were forced to do it and you would not do this willingly or miss use anybody else’s information on your own but someone made you do it. Then you can use this on your case.

Does Not Benefit You

If you use somebody’s credit card but when using it, it has no personal benefit to you in any way. Then you can use this as part of your defense and possibly get your charges lowered or even dismissed.

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Has any of this happened to you and you are being charged for credit card fraud? Then you need to get a good criminal defense lawyer. One that will work with you and defend you, help you get what you deserve, and help you have the best case to benefit you. Kajioka & Associates Attorneys At Law have great criminal defense lawyers that could help you with your case. Give us a call today and they can help start defending your case.

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