What are Ways to Avoid Personal Injuries at Home & Away During the Christmas Holidays?

There is much to do during the holiday season. It can be so much fun but it can also be so busy and chaotic that we want to rush and get things done. You don’t want to ruin the holidays by being injured. So, Kajioka & Associates Attorneys at Law will talk about some ways to avoid personal injuries over the holidays so that you can enjoy family, friends, and parties without accidents.

Is Turkey Safe for the Holidays?

When it comes to Thanksgiving most people love their turkey. But many injuries can happen while cutting the turkey that results in a serious cut or laceration. Or even worse many people like to deep fry a turkey. If it is done wrong there can be big fires that can cause many injuries to yourself and your property.

Do Not Fall Off the Roof when Hanging Christmas Lights

During the holiday season, people love to put up Christmas lights. This means people are climbing ladders, being on their roofs, and hanging on to things to try to get the Christmas lights just right. Many injuries can happen while climbing on a ladder and it is not very stable with no one holding it and it falls over. Or being on the roof trying to get your light on your house or even hanging over trying to attach them and slip off the roof.

Avoid Slips & Falls

Living in Las Vegas we don’t get snow very often, but slips and falls can still happen if there is water on the concrete. Every once in a while, we get snow and the nights still get pretty cold. If you have had your sprinklers on and it is cold the water could turn to ice which can also cause you to slip and fall. If you live somewhere where it snows a lot be careful because ice can be everywhere, especially in the mornings and at night. Falls can happen very quickly.

It is Important to Not Drink & Drive

The holidays bring more family, friends, and parties. Which also means that you are driving more and possibly even drinking. Driving drunk is illegal. You can face criminal and civil charges. Not only that, you can hurt other drivers and even worse kill another driver when you are driving drunk. Don’t ruin the holidays thinking you are okay driving drunk. Be smart with your drinking and if you do drink then call someone to come get you.

Avoid Injuries During Winter Sports

During the holidays you may have extra time to do the stuff you love like winter sports. Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling are all fun activities. These activities can also cause injuries if not done safely or properly. If you are outside in the cold you need to make sure that you are prepared with the correct clothing and if your car gets stuck in the snow. You also need to be careful with the people you are around so you don’t run into somebody on accident when going down the slopes.

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Holidays can be so much fun with family, friends, parties, gifts, and time off work. But you need to make sure that you are smart and trying to avoid injuries. If you happen to get injured then give Kajioka & Associates Attorneys At Law a call and talk to an injury attorney.

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