Marijuana Drug Use Laws; How Much Can You Possess, Where Can You Buy, Can You Drive After Using & More

It was big news for residents and tourists of Las Vegas when the state of Nevada made the decision for adults to possess and use marijuana. Even though marijuana is legal to use recreationally, there are some restrictions to the law that have created some confusion- confusion that has turned into arrest and criminal convictions for many people that visit of live in the state of Nevada. What do you need to know?

Marijuana Use Laws in Nevada

After a public referendum in 2016, Nevada declared that marijuana will be treated more like alcohol than an illegal drug or controlled substance. Marijuana use became legal on January 1, 2017, and licensed sales started the following July. That means that anyone that is 21 years old or older can buy, possess and consume marijuana for recreational use. There are some restrictions that do need to be noted:
• You can only legally possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana or 1/8-ounce of cannabis concentrate. It is illegal to possess marijuana on federal property in the state of Nevada.
• You can only purchase marijuana from state-licensed dispensaries or retail shops. It is illegal to purchase it anywhere else. It is even illegal to pay someone back that you asked to buy it for you.
• You cannot consume marijuana in public. You can only use marijuana on private property- that means your home or another home where you have been given permission to do so. You cannot use it in your car or the places you can legally buy it. You also cannot use marijuana in any casino or hotel. That means tourists that would like to use marijuana legally can only do so if they know someone who lives here.
• You cannot drive after you have used marijuana. It’s the same as drinking and driving. If you are caught weaving, crossing the centerline or committing some other traffic infraction and it’s been determined that you are under the influence of marijuana, you may face DUI charges. Nevada law states that a person is legally under the influence of marijuana if chemical tests show their blood or urine exceeds legal levels of cannabis. These levels are two nanograms per millimeter of marijuana or 5 nanograms per milliliter of marijuana metabolite.

Marijuana in Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas is known as a party city that invites people from all over the world. There are many things you can get away with in Las Vegas as long as you don’t bother anyone and you’re not drawing attention to yourself. However, you cannot be so carefree in casinos. Casinos are serious businesses that involve far too much money to allow any threatening behavior to become an issue with a Nevada gaming license. Do not take marijuana into a casino!

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It can be easy to lose your self-control and make a mistake. Your fun time will come to a screeching halt if you get arrested and charged with possession of marijuana in Las Vegas. Do you need an attorney? The attorneys at Kajioka & Associates Attorneys at Law have helped many people arrested for marijuana charges in Las Vegas. Give us a call today!

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