What Effects Can Legal Disputes Over Contracts have on a Company? Litigation in Dispute Resolution & More

Developing contracts with other businesses tends to require time and resources by business owners. To create a contract that is mutually beneficial and ultimately enforceable, it’s critical that you work with your partners. In order to prevent disputes from occurring, these professionals know what needs to be included within a contract since partnering with an attorney who understands business law and specializes in developing contracts is ideal. Business owners who feel that they have covered everything in their contracts still find themselves in a contract dispute with another business unfortunately. Hiring an experienced business transaction and litigation attorney who can provide you with the results that you need for your business is in your better interest. With the overwhelming details involved, you want an attorney to help you. Today, we at Kajioka & Associates, Attorneys at Law would like to further discuss the subject.

Litigation in Contract Dispute Resolution

When it comes to filing a contract dispute claim, there are several steps to the litigation process. An attorney is required to present all of the evidence that is available that proves that the opposing part is in breach of the contract established by the business owner in the pretrial discovery step, for example. It’s important to recognize that this can be a time-consuming process, as each step can involve lengthy hearings and presentations if you intend to move forward with litigation. Because of the contract breach, litigation is often the best option for business owners who need to recover losses that have resulted, however. In order to provide the necessary results for the business owner, it’s critical to work with an attorney who has an intimate understanding of contract disputes and who can expertly weave through the steps involved with litigation to maneuver through the litigation process.

Contract Arbitration

For business owners who would like to settle their contract disputes with sales partners or supply partners outside of the courtroom, arbitration is an option. It is still a legal process that requires the expertise and knowledge of a qualified attorney while this is not a form of litigation. Arbitration is similar to litigation in many respects. The opposing parties can settle the dispute themselves in the presence of a third, objective party is the idea behind arbitration. In most cases the parties accept the proposals outlined by the arbitrators, though the goal of arbitration is for each party involved to decide on how the situation should be resolved. Because that is the conflict resolution medium that was identified in the original contract, the two opposing parties end up in arbitration more often than not.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

There are other options for business owners to consider as they seek to reach an agreement in a contract dispute while arbitration is one form of alternative dispute resolution. If one of these options below is best for your individual circumstances, your attorney who specializes in business contracts can help you decide.
– Summary Jury Trial
– Mini-Trial
– Mediation

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Your lawyer may even recommend a hybrid option that combines several types of alternative dispute resolutions, depending on the nature of the circumstances. An experienced attorney is your best option to help protect you under these circumstances. Contact the office of Kajioka & Associates, Attorneys at Law to schedule a consultation.

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