Pedestrian Right of Way Laws; Do Pedestrians Have the Right of Way when Jaywalking?

Statistics account that one third of road related deaths were pedestrians in 2017. Of 303 total road related deaths in Las Vegas; 99 of them were pedestrians. Most of these deaths were caused in part of the carelessness of both the drivers and pedestrians disregarding the laws that govern the foot traffic. Some of which stems from the ignorance that is expected from both pedestrians and motorists when both are sharing the local roads and highways. Today, we at Kajioka & Associates, Attorneys at Law, would like to briefly discuss the pedestrian right of way laws.

Do Pedestrians Have the Right of Way when Jaywalking?

Law enforcement in Las Vegas has been doing what they can and cracking down on the pedestrians who fail to yield to traffic and follow the laws meant to keep them safe and likewise to the drivers. In Vegas, jaywalking does carry a heavy fine, but it still hasn’t improved pedestrians from making infractions with the pedestrian laws, at least not yet. Pedestrians using a crosswalk, or obeying crossing signage at a local intersection, generally have the right of way; vehicles are expected to yield to them while they cross the street, according to Nevada Statute 484B.287. They do NOT have the right of way when they step off the curb and run out into the street suddenly, obstruct the patch of traffic, and do not give vehicles enough time brake or swerve out of the way. Pedestrians are required to yield to traffic in all cases if they don’t cross the road at an intersection or in a crosswalk. Since some roadways do not have crosswalk or intersection, you have little to choice to cross where you can, but you have to do so safely. It is considered jaywalking and could get you a ticket if you fail to use crosswalks or intersections on streets that do have them. If you chose to cross the street where motorists have the right of way, use extreme caution. Use a well-lit area, continue scanning both ends of the road until you have crossed, and do not let anything, including your cell phone, distract you. You have to assume the drivers will not see you. Do not try to get vehicles to slow down and halt for you to cross, you can cause a collision. Additionally, if you are too drunk to drive, you are too impaired to walk. The last thing you need is to pass out in the middle of the road and motorists not see you. Call a cab or other car services to take you home for your safety. As drivers on the road it is your duty to stay vigilant. In the event you see someone crossing the road where they shouldn’t, play it safe and stop even though you have the right of way. Keeping everyone safe on the Las Vegas roads is both the responsibility of drivers and pedestrians.

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