White Collar Crimes in Las Vegas, NV; Casino & Gambling Crimes, Art Forgery, Tax Evasion & More

In Las Vegas, we see quite our share of crime of all types. But when it comes to white-collar crimes, what are some types that we commonly see? Kajioka & Associates Attorneys At Law explores some of the crimes we see often.

Casino & Gambling Crimes

In Las Vegas, we have so many casinos and because we have casinos we see a lot of white-collar crimes in those casinos. People are trying to grab chips that are not theirs, cheating at the tables, check fraud, shoplifting at the stores, and casino marker default. A casino marker is a credit that casinos give to customers, but you have to pay it back within a certain time frame, usually within a month. If you don’t pay it back in the time frame it is considered a felony.

Art Forgery

Art forgery is illegal everywhere. Yes, there are copies of paintings or artwork that you can sell and buy that are legal. Where the problem lies is when people try to pass fake artwork off as the original from the artist. Usually, when this happens it is because they can get a lot of money from the artwork that they are selling. The artwork can look so much like the original that it can be hard to detect. But by doing this you can end up in prison.

Tax Evasion

Who enjoys paying taxes? It is probably a very small amount. But it is something that needs to be done, that is just how life is. So when someone is using illegal ways to avoid paying taxes, that is tax evasion. Many times when this happens it is a company or individual not being honest on their income or revenue.
This may include but is not limited to not reporting all of your income, not reporting any income at all, offshore accounts, or hiding money.

Computer & Internet Fraud

The internet can be a great tool until you get scammed and have to change all your cards. Hackers can be very sneaky and get away with a lot without you even realizing anything has happened until it is too late. Hackers can steal credit card info or commit I.D. theft. They can set up phone calls from people claiming to be from legitimate companies in an attempt to obtain personal information from you. Committing computer and internet fraud is a crime in any form, even if they aren’t taking any personal information.


When you hire someone you want to trust them to be honest with your money. Well, people can be crooked and try to embezzle that money for themselves. This can happen with bookkeepers, accountants, and other staff members. People can start to write bad checks, set up phony vendor accounts, or pad expenses. They then keep the money for themselves. Depending on the amount of embezzlement it can be a misdemeanor or time in prison.

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White-collared crime in Las Vegas happens all the time. If you are a victim or have been involved in a white collared crime, Kajioka & Associates Attorneys At Law wants to help you get your best possible outcome. Call us to discuss your case today.

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